Yanli Zhang Ph.D.
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  1. Co-PI, Water quality effects of urban riparian vegetation restoration, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), East Texas Plant Material Center, $47,118.5, 1.2013-12.2014 (under review)
  2. Co-PI, Surface water pollution control with stormwater management rain gardens, Stephen F. Austin State University, $13,000, 9.2012-8.2013.
  3. Co-PI, Developing a Large Woody Debris Budget for the Lower San Antonio River, Texas, Sponsored by Texas Water Development Board, State, $50,000 (January 2011 - September 2013).
  4. PI, Geospatial Modeling of the impact of forest change on water resources in East Texas, 2011-2015, $179,965, funded by USDA, Forest Service
  5. PI, Watershed Modeling to study the impacts of forest biomass harvesting on water resources in East Texas, Stephen F. Austin State University, $22,384, 9.2010-8.2011.
  6. PI, Development and validation of a GIS algorithm to assess reservoir topography and volume, CRA, Inc. $1000, 9.2009-6.2010
  7. PI, Spatial analysis of the impact of land cover change on water resources in Southern Region, USFS, $10,000, 6.2009 – 12.2010
  8. PI, Development of an ArcGIS extension: Urban Watershed Management Assistance (UWMA), City of Cedar Falls, $10,000, 6.2009 – 1.2010
  9. Co-PI, Iowa LiDAR Web-Portal Project, Iowa DOT/DNR, $44,200, 03/2008-12/2009 http://geotree2.geog.uni.edu/lidar/


  1. Web-based Watershed Management Priority Index (WMPI), GeoTREE, UNI
  2. LiDAR data analysis tool (GeoLiTE) (2007), GeoTREE, UNI http://www.geotree.uni.edu/GeoLITE.aspx
  3. Crowdsourcing with ArcGIS Online to collect the infestation of giant salvinia

Giant Salvinia




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