SFASU Undergraduate Preparation for Educator Readiness-NASA Opportunities for Visionary Academics 


Texas is facing a critical shortage in teachers, especially in science and mathematics, at a time when most preservice teachers are not pursuing certification in these areas.  Consequently, education , mathematics, and science instructors at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU) are cooperating to revise course content and pedagogy to incorporate state and national mandates for reform.  faculty are currently developing introductory freshman-level courses in physical and life-earth science and upper division specialization courses to:
        1) improve content and pedagogical skill in science for preservice teachers, and
        2) increase the number of teachers specializing in science and mathematics.

A team of faculty from the College of Science and mathematics and the College of Education has been assembled to develop a new, content-driven specialization course in life science for preservice elementary and middle school teachers.  It will emphasize the development of methods which apply the content to a typical elementary or middle school class.  because space exploration is very important to our understanding of life on Earth and the long-term sustain ability of this life, we intend to concentrate on this area. e envision this project as the catalyst for campus- and community-wide reform for preparation of teachers to teach science and mathematics.

Important Links

        BIO 301: Planetary and Space Life Sciences

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        NASA Web
        SFA Center for Science and Mathematics Education

Project Steering Committee:
Stephen Wagner, Associate Professor, Biology

Alan Sowards, Assistant Professor, Elementary Education

Patricia Nason, Associate Professor, Elementary Education

Thomas Atchison, Dean, Mathematics and Science